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Virtual Listings:

1. 10 Halldorson, Aurora

2. 119 Petticoat, Vaughan

3. 1076 Brook Garden Marsh, Newmarket

4. 59 Williams Curtis, Newmarket

5. 78 Hungtindale, Toronto

6. 189 Sir Sanford Fleming Way, Vaughan

7. 87 Donisi, Vaughan

Online Shops:

1. 官燕栈

2. Aberdine Seafood Garden

3. IMEX Ontario

4. 3R Online Shop

5. Prestige Living Canada



1. R&R@R Reading Club

2. Visual Studio.House

3. Alleluia Driving School

4. Cancer Enemy

5. RHCCC Forum (Pending Approval)

6. Beyond LED

7. Homes 649 (A realtor’s Website)

8. Agent Website Demo 1


There are also some complex customized websites (clients like Banks have a very rigorous confidential regulation) but for the confidential reason we can not list them here.

Website Created By: Web Design Studio Toronto

Contact: Raymond X, 416-316-3290
Fax: 416-900-2599, Email: webdesignstudiotoronto at
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