One of the best professional website design studios

Luxury package

$2800.00 (based on less than 90 hours developing time)

Provide unlimited web pages, content could be pictures, text, video, audio and many other features. With the ability to interact with users, users can leave comment, question, or anything he or she wants to communicate with the website owner;

Provide professional photographing service with unlimited picture;

Provide professional post-production service to all the pictures;

Provide professional Photoshop service to client provided pictures;

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enabled, Marketing has always been a crucial part of business and good companies have attained fame on the sheer basis of effective marketing strategies. Same principles apply to website design. Our unique SEO technique is here to help your website easily be searchable by various search engines.

Email box will be created for as many as accounts on the same domain, shopping cart function is included, gallery showroom

Luxury Package Features:

  • Unlimited web pages
  • Content could be pictures, text, video, audio
  • Facebook, Twitter linkage
  • Email box
  • Shopping Cart
  • Photographing Service
  • Built in SEO
  • Satisfaction guarantee


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