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Christmas Gift Group Buy Form

Please use the following form to pre-place your order, once I gather enough orders, I will place the group order to the supplier. To ensure you receive your order before Christmas and to avoid the holiday traffic, please fill the form before Dec 1, 2011. Later than that, I can’t guaranteed it will arrive before Christmas.

All order will be shipped using UPS or Fedex to save time.

Please make 30% deposit, you can use email money transfer and send it to xie3208080@gmail.Com, you can hold the withdraw money question answer until I place the order, but I do need the deposit once I finish the order. Please note no one can get the money unless he has the question’s answer. If you have any question, you can ask through that email or call me: 416-316-3290

After your items arrive, you will be noticed to make full deposit, same way as deposit but you need to give me the question answer to take the items from me.

Thank you for your trust. I hope you and your clients enjoy the gifts.

Model Min Qty Price Model Min Qty Price
Race Car (Red) 10 $11 Race Car (Blue) 10 $10
Race Car (Silver) 10 $10 Flower (Black, Pink, White)) 10 $10
Race Car (Green, Red) 10 $11 Lady’s (Pink, Blue, Light-blue, Green, Yellow, White) 10 $11
Bunny (Pink) 10 $11 Penguin 10 $10

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